What Are An Evaporative Cooler And Air Conditioner?






Are you confused? Are you worried to buy an evaporative cooler or air conditioner? Just relax below are the mentioned points about evaporative cooler vs air conditioner which will give you an idea about which option is best for your home.

Evaporative coolers reduce air temperature by converting water into chilly vapor. This basic procedure has been around for a very long time: Bronze-age paintings depict slaves fanning jars of water to keep rooms cool.

How An Evaporative Cooler Works?

A fan sucks warm, outside air through wet filter pads in a head unit that stands on the roof of a ducted evaporative cooler. The heated air evaporates the water, producing cooled and humidified air that is subsequently circulated throughout the home via ducts and vents in the ceiling. Portable evaporative coolers are also available, however, they are ineffective.

How Much Energy Does An Evaporative Cooler Consume?

Only the fan and water pump consume electricity, therefore power consumption is normally minimal (200 to 400 watts). However, this varies greatly depending on features and capacity, and there are household units that draw up to 2kW or more.

However, due to their low power consumption, evaporative coolers’ capacity to convert electrical energy into the cold air is likewise restricted. Air conditioners are far more effective at turning energy into cooling.

What More You Should Be Familiar About Evaporative Coolers?

• Evaporative coolers work best in hot, dry conditions with low humidity because the air has a larger capacity to collect water vapor. They are not suggested for humid or damp areas.

• They rely on a consistent water supply. If you’re considering purchasing one, inquire about the water management system utilized and what the usual hourly water use is expected to be in your location. Because an evaporative cooler is only as efficient as the amount of water it can evaporate, they are not ideal for use in locations where water is scarce.

• They require enough airflow in the room. Condensation can occur within the house due to increasing indoor humidity, therefore always leave some windows open to allow air to escape.

What Is An Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners take warm air from within your home and send it to the outside, where it cools to a temperature regulated by a thermostat. Because this function is similar to that of refrigerators, they are sometimes known as refrigerated coolers or heat pumps.

There Are Several Types Of Air Conditioners

• Split-system air conditioners are the most common type. They have an exterior compressor unit and one or more inside air outputs. They are often used to cool one or more rooms or an open-plan space of up to 60m2.

• Portable air conditioners are single units that plug into a power outlet and can chill a room of up to 20m2. They employ a duct to exhaust the heat out a door or window. These are ideal for rooms where a built-in option isn’t possible (for example, if you’re renting), but they’re not as efficient as a split system.

• Wall/window Air conditioners are often installed in a window or an exterior wall and can chill rooms and open-plan areas of up to 50m2. Smaller devices can be plugged into standard power outlets, while bigger ones may require extra cabling. While not as efficient or effective as split systems, they are a good budget choice if a split system is not an option.

• Reverse-cycle air conditioners can heat and cool your house all year without the need for a separate heating system. Most air conditioners on the market are reverse cycle, and it’s worth investing in one because they’re more efficient and often cost less than a machine that merely cools.

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