Graphic Design Trends Your Company Should Avoid

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Is your company contemporary and up to speed on current trends? Which ones should you adopt, and which should you dismiss as a fad? Investing in graphic design is an important aspect of expanding your brand’s image. However, understanding when to invest and when not to invest might affect how quickly your firm develops.

How can you identify which trends are worth investing in and which are not? Trial and error is a component of the equation. Fortunately, there are some general guidelines that might assist you in making your decision.

Avoid These Fashion Trends

First, let’s look at certain patterns to avoid. Avoiding these tendencies prevents you from wasting marketing expenditures that might be used more sensibly. Put your money into other things first, and think of them as extras if you really need them.

We all like the way a lovely gradient looks visually. It makes the website more interesting and may even focus the user’s attention to certain parts. The best-designed websites, on the other hand, are straightforward and don’t have a lot of frills.

Keep the gradients for the odd ad or banner. It is not necessary to include it into your permanent designs. It’s also possible that they’ll go out of popularity if consumers become bored of seeing gradient after gradient in site designs.

Images from stock
Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours looking for the ideal royalty-free picture only to discover that your competition is using the same image. Use original images rather than stock photos wherever feasible. Of course, there are situations when you just cannot afford to employ a professional photographer.

If you must utilise stock photos, have your graphic designer modify them. Replace the backdrop, create a collage, then add some text and effects on top. Make it as distinctive to your brand’s aesthetic as feasible.

Colors that are muted
Muted hues swept over the digital design industry for many years. They are, however, beginning to give way to bolder, brighter choices.

Younger generations spend an average of six to nine hours every day online. To break through the cacophony, you must first capture their attention. Drab, drab hues will not provide the desired outcomes.

However, do not overburden the user. There should be a mix of dramatic colour bursts and neutral options.

Helvetica is a typeface
Helvetica is a good, straightforward typeface that looks well on the web. Unfortunately, it is also a typeface that new designers, as well as professionals, return to over and again. Because it is the most popular typeface, it is rather overused.

Rather of relying just on Helvetica, experiment with a selection of serif and sans-serif typefaces. Google fonts are designed to operate with major browsers like Chrome and may be a great option for your site.

Instead, invest in these graphic designs

What should you spend in this year now that you know what design trends to avoid?

Graphics on Windows
Don’t put all of your eggs in the digital basket. Invest in current graphic design trends as well, such as window vinyl decals. Window graphics may be added to your storefront, car windows, and even plexiglass and other separators within your shop.

Because they are affordable and simple to alter with the seasons, window graphics are a terrific graphic design investment.

Your logo is the public face of your company. It can be found in everything you do. Your logo appears on your shop, product packaging, website, and social media accounts. A drab logo does not accurately reflect your firm.

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